Should I Move My Vehicle After an Accident?


Should I Move My Vehicle After an Accident?


To Move Or Not To Move: A Question About Accident Liability

You’ve just been in a wreck. Fortunately, both vehicles look like they can move easily. Both drivers are grateful that they are alive and seem to not have any serious injury. Unfortunately for the everyone else, however, they have just gotten into a fender bender on Johnston Street here in Lafayette, LA.

Tensions are flaring in your lane of traffic as everyone just wants to get home after a long day at work. You and the other driver seem nice enough; why not move the vehicles out of everyone’s way?

Accidents Without Injuries

Not every accident will cause lasting injury. In fact, the only thing hurt after a fender-bender is often just the paint job. When determining whether or not to move the vehicles, keep in mind that the police will use the accident scene as well as the vehicles to gather evidence. The more detail that can be accurately captured in the police report, the better. Take pictures of the accident scene before moving the vehicles.

Remember to follow state and local laws. Several roads and highways do require you to move minor accidents out of the way. If possible, you can move the vehicles to the shoulder or median. Protect yourself at all times by making your vehicle as visible as possible after the accident. If you must remain in your vehicle, wear a seatbelt. If not, then stay a safe distance from the accident while remaining at the scene.

Accidents With Injuries

In the event of injury (especially severe injury), it is best for the vehicle to stay put, even if it blocks traffic. The information gathered will be extremely useful in any injury claims. Additionally, the average driver is not a trained medical professional. If severe injury is suspected, it is highly likely that the injury can be worsened by any movement.

Gather as much information as safely as possible. If traffic is still moving at a high rate of speed, then contact the police as soon as possible. Additional injuries and death can be caused by vehicles striking you as you exit the vehicle.

Your safety is the most important thing out on the road. We cannot prevent every accident from happening, but you can still be prepared. Know your state and city laws for moving minor accidents. Be extremely careful when you exit the vehicle after an accident. Leave everything exactly as it is in the event of an injury. By following these steps and exercising some common sense, you will know when and when not to move your vehicle after an accident.