Questions for Your Lawyer


Questions for Your Lawyer

Meeting Your Lawyer After An Automotive Accident


questionsIt is said that everyone gets 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately, your fame comes as an article in The Daily Advertiser or a brief report on Planet Radio. Accidents happen, and sometimes those accidents leave lasting injuries.

After all the doctors have had a chance to look at your injuries, it’s only natural to talk to a car accident lawyer to see about the medical expenses your insurance may or may not cover.

So what questions should you be asking your lawyer? What questions can you expect your lawyer to ask you?


Questions To Ask Your Lawyer

How much is this going to cost? – It may be a good idea to sue for damages, but legal fees can be expensive. Fortunately, our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that we will only be paid if you win. Be sure to review any and all costs as soon as possible.

Do I even have a case? – Are you able to meet the burden of proof? Did you suffer damages? Did the other person not meet a reasonable degree of care?  Do you understand what any of that means? Schedule an appointment with our Broussard car accident attorneys to discuss your options.

How am I getting paid? – It’s perfectly normal to be angry after an accident. Still, it’s very important to have a reasonable expectation of what your award will be. Stick to what’s actually happened. Medical bills and lost pay are a good start, but talk to your lawyer about emotional distress as well as pain and suffering if you’ve been injured. If you cannot work, your lawyer will do their best to make sure you and your family are taken care of.

Who am I suing? – Here in Louisiana, there are many people driving for a living. In the case of negligence by the other driver, the employer may be eligible for a lawsuit to recover damages. Also; the other driver may not have the resources to cover your costs. Keep this in mind when your lawyer sets expectations with you.

When should I file suit? – Your lawyer will be able to tell you what the statute of limitations, or the deadline to file your suit, happens to be.

Should I settle out of court? – If the other party offers a settlement, discuss this with your lawyer. They can let you know if it’s a good idea to go to court or if it’s better to take the settlement. Remember that if you settle, then the case is done and cannot go to court.

What about after the lawsuit? – Persistent injury and disability as well as the time a case takes to go to court can lead to financial difficulties. Ask your lawyer about what they can do for compensation of future medical expenses as well as how they can help in the time before the suit is heard. It’s also important to consider the time that the suit will take in court to determine if settling may be the best option.

How can I help? – Your lawyer will have specific instructions on what to provide and how to provide it. As a general rule; have anything that will prove injury, emotional distress, and/or material damage thoroughly documented.

Questions From Your Lawyer

When and how did the accident happen? – Be as detailed as you possibly can. Your lawyer is building a playbook they will need to help you. The Ragin Cajuns never hit the field without a plan, neither should your lawyer. Include a copy of the police report if possible!

How bad are you hurt, and did you have any X-rays or MRI done? – Your lawyer cannot do much for your torn ACL if you mention it four months into the lawsuit, so let them know as much as you can! Make sure they have access to X-rays and MRI as well as any proof of injury makes your case that much easier. If you think your condition is permanent let them know!

Did the other driver say it was their fault? – Pretty self-explanatory. Nothing says case closed like a police report where the other driver said it was their fault.

What is the other driver covered for? – Try as you might, you cannot get blood from a turnip no matter how hard you squeeze. Knowing how much coverage the other driver has helps your lawyer request a reasonably attainable award. Also, make sure you have proof of coverage for uninsured motorists if you have it.