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Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents are much more complex than the average wreck. In addition to the greater risk of injury due to the size and weight of the vehicle, there are many factors to consider in determining liability.


A car accident involving a common sized passenger vehicle is usually straightforward. Someone did not exercise a reasonable amount of care behind the wheel and can easily be shown to be at fault for the accident.

In the case of a trucking accident however, there are a few more factors at play. Several different parties can be considered liable for truck crashes. Therefore, a plaintiff can sue multiple parties. Potential defendants can include:

  • The truck driver
  • The manufacturer of the truck or trailer
  • The manufacturer of any parts/tires on the truck or trailer
  • The cargo shipper and/or loader
  • The owner/leasing company of the truck or trailer

Often, the defendants involved in trucking accidents will do their best to prevent liability from falling on themselves. The owner or lease holder will blame each other or the manufacturer, the manufacturer will blame the loader, the loader will blame the driver, the shipping company will claim the driver is a contractor, etc.

Previously, the independent contractor status of a driver would be used by the trucking company to avoid liability. The company could claim that the driver was not an employee and therefore the company could not be liable. If the truck is owned by the driver or leased from another company, they could claim they were not liable as they were not responsible for the truck’s condition.

Fortunately, the law has changed so that trucking companies that own a trucking permit are responsible for any accidents involving trucks bearing the company’s name. Liability can further be proven thanks to advances in GPS technology including “black boxes” similar to what can be found in airplanes.

Broussard Truck Accident Attorney

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How Do Big-rig Truck Accidents Happen?


We ask so much of truck drivers everyday. The companies they work for often have them on tight deadlines leading to the drivers operating while incredibly tired. Unfortunately, many drivers rely on over-the-counter as well as illegal drugs in order to keep themselves awake for long shifts.

Any trucking company must, regardless of any deadlines they set, follow the law on driver rest periods. In the event of an accident, the records of those rest periods must be checked as soon as possible.

Whether awake, sleepy, or impaired, any truck driver can make mistakes and fall victim to equipment failure. Faulty brakes, tire blowouts, and improperly loaded cargo can lead to rollover and jack-knifing.

When driving next to a large truck, avoid the driver’s blind spots at all times. If you cannot see them, they cannot see you. And as always, be sure to give truckers a wide berth in windy and rainy weather.

Driver error is the most common cause of trucking accidents. In fact, truck drivers are ten times more likely to cause an accident than any other factor. In a recent study,  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found  the actions of drivers were responsible for 88% of all trucking crashes. Additional statistics included:

Common Accident Causes
  • Prescription Drug Use 26.3%
  • Traveling Too Fast for Conditions 22.9%
  • Unfamiliar with Roadway 21.6%
  • Over-the-Counter Drug Use 17.3%
  • Inadequate Surveillance 13.2%
  • Fatigue 13%
  • Under Work-Related Pressure 9.2%
  • Illegal Maneuver 9.1%
  • Inattention 8.5%
  • External Distraction Factors 8%
  • Inadequate Evasive Action 6.6%
  • Aggressive Driving Behavior (Tailgating, Weaving, Other) 6.6%
  • Unfamiliar with Vehicle 6.5%
  • Following too Closely 4.9%
  • False Assumption of Other Road Users Actions 4.7%

Other contributing factors included:

  • Brake Failure, Out of Adjustment, etc. 29.4%
  • Traffic Flow Interruption (Previous Crash, Congestion, Other) 28%
  • Roadway Related Factors 20.5%
  • Weather Related Factors 14.1%
Common Types of Accidents
  • Rear End 23.1%
  • Ran off Road/Out of Lane 17.8%
  • Side Swipe, Same Direction 10.3%
  • Rollover 8.9%
  • Turning Across Path/Into Path 8%
  • Intersecting Vehicles, Straight Paths 5.8%
  • Side Swipe, Opposite Direction 4.6%
  • Head-On 3%
  • Hit Object in Road 1.8%
  • No Impact (fire, jackknife,other) .9%
  • Backing into Other Vehicle .3%
  • Other Crash Type 15.5%


  • Over the Lane Line or Off the Road 32.1%
  • Loss of Control (Traveling too Fast for Conditions, Other) 28.6%
  • Other Motor Vehicle in Travel Lane 21.7%
  • Turning, Crossing an Intersection 10.3%
  • Pedestrian/Bicyclist/Other Non-motorist in Roadway 2.5%
  • Other Motor Vehicle Encroaching into Travel Lane 1.7%

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